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Fine Expanded Metal|Fine Expanded Mesh

Fine Expanded Metal mainly used in
steel mesh filter, speakers mesh,battery mesh,child seat, decoration,baskets and handicraft production; packaging, batteries, farming, machinery, electronic components protection; pharmaceutical, paper industry filtering.Products with extensive use, low cost, easy to use, processing capability and beautiful, and practical features.

Material: ordinary coil, galvanized steel, aluminum,copper,titanium,nickel plate Fine Expanded Metal Mesh.

Hole Shape:Diamond hole, hexagonal hole (turtle-shaped hole), hole,special specifications can be processed to order

LWM: 3-20 mm
SWM: 2-10 mm
Plate Thickness: 0.3 - 1.2 mm
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DVA Mesh

DVA Mesh

DVA Mesh|One Way Vision Mesh

DVA Mesh is one kind of aluminium expanded metal sheet,also know as one way aluminium mesh,limited vision mesh or privacy mesh.

Colours Available:
Its surface finished with powder coating,colours can be black,white,green,blue,saffron ...
Titanium Electrode

Titanium Electrode

Titanium Expanded Metal Electrode

The Titanium Electrode is a Titanium Fine Expanded Metal product,we mainly offer overseas.

Material: TA1
Aperture: 3 x 6
Strand Thickness: 0.5
Strand Width: 1.25

Inquire Titanium Expanded Metal Electr...
Fine Mesh

Fine Mesh

Fine Expanded Metals

Fine Expanded Metals mainly used in steel mesh filter,speakers mesh,battery mesh,child seat,decoration,baskets and handicraft production,packaging,batteries,farming,machinery,electronic components protection,pharmaceutical,paper industry&n...
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