Fengyuan Expanded Metal Products Factory

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 American customers often indicate material thickness in Gauge,and gauge is different in millimeter for  different material,how to convert? See our products category "material and gauge table".

 How to judge the quality of the expanded metal products?
    a. Spread on the ground,for flat surface,unwaved; b. Mesh aperture uniform size,up to customer request specification; c. No broken strand,no burr,no crack; d. Diagonal error criterion.

 How to avoid the burr appearance of expanded metals?
    a. Repair and grind the cutter blade,must be sharp;
    b.In  punching process should determine the momentum is vertical force,so as to ensure the punching smooth,does not affect the punch stamping effect;
    c.Control the gap,it will decide the appearance of the expanded metals,if the gap is too narrow,then the metals in undershoot will under concave,it will also increase burrs;
    d. In punching,metal plates must be placed on the flat bracket,so it will not cause the formation of burr.

 How to cut/shear the expanded metal products? 
    While cut sheets or rolls into size,we should try the best to ensure its edge smooth
and bounded,avoid to break holes.

 How to pack the expanded metal products in LCL?
    At most time,client will not order a full container products,we must confirm the pallets rigid enough to guard the mesh. We often make press-wood cases to protect.