Fengyuan Expanded Metal Products Factory

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Construction: Expanded Diamonds,Expanded Hexagons or Specified
Styles: Raised or Flatten
Material: Carbon Steel,HD Galvanized Steel,Aluminium,Stainless Steel T304/T316,Copper,Titanium
Use: Used widely in road,railway,civil building,water conservancy's build,the protection of all kinds of machinery,electrical equipment,window and aquatic product's breed.

Raised Expanded Metal      Flatten Expanded Metal
                             Raised                                                                Flatten   

The key parameters of Expanded Metals

Long Way Mesh Distance  (LWD or LWM)
Short Way Mesh Distance (SWD or SWM)
Plate Thickness (Strand Thickness)
Strand Width: (Feed Size)
Expanded Metal Specification
The directions of Expanded Metals
Expanded Metal Directions
Product Show