Fengyuan Expanded Metal Products Factory

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How to cut the expanded metals?

While cut the expanded metal sheets or rolls into required panel size,we should try the best to ensure its edge smooth and bounded,try to avoid break the holes.

Sheet Tolerance Permitted

Camber refers to bow in sheet:
Raised Expanded Metal: < 5.0mm every 1.0m length
Flatten Expanded Metal: < 7.0mm every 1.0m length

Max data out of square on edge of sheet < 5.0mm every 1.0m of length or <10.0mm on diagonals per square meter,sheet must be re-squared  by shearing on all sides for squareness.

How to pack the expanded metals?

Expanded metal rolls or sheets should be packed with plastic film,and put onto steel or press-wooden pallets,also could be put into press-wooden cases for fine mesh products.
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