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Product name : Fine Mesh
Item : Finemesh01
Material : SUS/AISI 304/316,304L,316L,Aluminium,Titanium,Nickel,Copper
Finish : Polish
Colour : Silver,Goden
Hole Shape : Triangle,Diamond,Hexagonal,Fish scale
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Fine Expanded Metals

Fine Expanded Metals mainly used in
 steel mesh filter,speakers mesh,battery mesh,child seat,decoration,baskets and handicraft production,packaging,batteries,farming,machinery,electronic components protection,pharmaceutical,paper industry filtering.
Products with extensive use,low cost,easy to use,processing capability,beautiful,and practical features.

Material: ordinary coil, galvanized steel, aluminum,copper,titanium,nickel plate Fine Expanded Metal Mesh.
Hole Shape: Diamond hole, hexagonal hole (turtle-shaped hole), hole,special specifications can be processed to order


LWM: 3-20 mm
SWM: 2-10 mm
Plate Thickness: 0.3 - 1.2 mm

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