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Product name : DVA Mesh
Item : One Way Vision Mesh-01
Material : Aluminium
Finish : Powder Coated
Colour : Black,White
Hole Shape : Fish scale
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DVA Mesh|One Way Vision Mesh

DVA Mesh is one kind of aluminium expanded metal sheet,also know as one way aluminium mesh,limited vision mesh or privacy mesh.

Colours Available:
Its surface finished with powder coating,colours can be black,white,green,blue,saffron yellow,silver,bronze and so on.

Limited vision,Flat surface,perfect powder coating.

DVA Mesh Specification:
750mm x 2000mm or 2400mm
820mm x 2000mm or 2400mm
900mm x 2000mm or 2400mm
1200mm x 2000mm or 2400mm

DVA One Way Vision Mesh using as doors and windows shelter.

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