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Product name : Heavy Mesh
Item : heavymesh01
Material : Low carbon steel,Aluminium
Finish : Raised or Flatten,Oiled,Galvanized
Colour : Silver,Black
Hole Shape : Hexagon, diamond, shaped
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Heavy Duty Expanded Metal

Heavy Expanded Metal is a larger load expanded metal product,it 
can be used for foot tanker,heavy machinery and boilers,oilmines,locomotives,ships,such as working platforms,escalators,walkways.It Can also be used as construction,road,railbridges reinforced use.This product has become the Daqing Oilfield,Dagang Oilfield,Dalian Shipyard platform dedicatednetwork products.Mainly for civil engineering batch of cement,machinery and equipment protection, handicraft manufacturing,high-end speaker grill,Highway guardrail,sports venues fence,the road green zone protection.

Welcome to contact us for the Heavy Expanded Metals E-mail: wiremesh_making@aliyun.com 

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