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Product name : Copper Expanded Metal Electrode
Item : Copper Mesh-01
Material : Coopper
Finish : 
Colour : Yello Golden
Hole Shape : Positive Diamond, Rhomboid
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Copper Expanded Metal Mesh for Electrode & Battery|Copper Foil Expanded Mesh
Copper Expanded Metal Mesh
Electrode characteristics: a non-magnetic, wear-resistant, acid and alkali, good ductility, good sound insulation, filter electron beam, etc.

Quality Copper Electrode Mesh Uses: Screening of various particles, powder, porcelain clay, porcelain printing, glass, filter liquid, gas, wall insulation, electronic screen display and so on.

Thickness: 0.04-3.5mm
0.3X0.5mm、0.6X1.2mm  1X2mm 1.5X3mm 1.5X2.5mm 2X3mm 2X4mm 3X6mm 4X8mm 5X10mm
Hope Shape:
Positive Diamond, Rhomboid

Welcome to inquire the Copper Expanded Metal Mesh for electrode & battery,we can offer you high quality goods,please contact wiremesh_making@aliyun.com  

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